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ORICO BTA-402 USB Dongle Bluetooth Module

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Brief Introduction:

◆Model No.:ORICO BTA-402
◆With CSR8510 chip, it is truly compatible with bluetooth 4.0 specification, dual mode transmission.
◆Further transmission distance: 20m ultra long transmission distance (no barrier), strong signal.
◆More stable transmission rate: 3Mbps transmission rate, high-speed file, audio data transmission.
◆Drive management software: CSR Harminy drive management software is easy to use, powerful, and supports multiple application extensions (Microsoft OFFICE software).
◆Super low delay speed link, intelligent sleep wake energy saving, 24-bit CRC check to resist interference, adaptive frequency hopping to reduce crosstalk.
◆It is compatible with bluetooth 2.0, bluetooth 2.1 and bluetooth 3.0.
◆The USB2.0 interface is more versatile, super mini and portable.
◆size: 26 * 15 * 7 mm (about)
◆weight: 3g

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Product specifications:

◆Standard: bluetooth V4.0.

◆Overview: bluetooth low power consumption, dual mode bluetooth.

◆Frequency: at 2.402GHz?2.480 GHz

◆Sensitivity: -86dbm@0.1 %.

◆RF transmission power: +6 dBm (class II)