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7KW EV Charging Pile Mainboard With 4G (QY-ACCP7K05-M)

Posted 2020/09/09 08:58 AM by Qiyang views: 237

• Adopts STM32F105RBT6 chipset, ARM Cortex-M3;

• This single board outputs the 7KW power through single-phase AC220V32A household electricity;

• Integrated full netcom 4G module to update OS remotely;

• Be with abundant interfaces, 4-ch UART, touch panel, swiping card module, indicator board and 4G module etc;

• AC Charging Pile has scram button to cut off electricity rapidly;

• Configured with human-machine interactive interface, charging method can be set as fully charge, charge by amount, charge by time. During in charging, it shows the charging method , time ,power level, and fee.

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