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UGREEN20210/1309051Cable -USB To UART

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Brief Introduction:
Remote wake-up, power management, strong compatibility
Green USB to DB9 serial line
Easy hot plug, support RS232 serial interface
Gilt + three-layer shield, transmission speed up to 1MBPS
Built-in 128BYTE TX / 384BYTE RX cache

With high compatibility, can be compatible with laptop, desktop and various types of serial devices
Such as MODEM, ISDN terminal adapter, digital cameras, bar code scanners, PLAM, PDA PDA (WINCE system), tablet, label printers, POS machines, LED displays, security access control systems, industrial control machines and other serial devices.

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Product Information

Name: USB to DB9 serial cable RS-232

Connector: gold-plated
Material: pure copper
Outer: green PVC
Transmission speed: 1Mbps
Diameter (OD): 5.0MM
Warranty: 1 year
Packaging: fashion color box packaging
Product Details


Quality materials - with shielding
Tinned oxygen-free copper conductor core, 2824AWG wire gauge to create a stable transmission! Internal aluminum-magnesium braided shield design, effectively reduce the external signal interference, which ensures equipment play a good efficiency while working.

Exquisite appearance, ergonomic plug design and the classic finger plug for you to create a nice, easy to use 9-pin serial cable.

Material environmental protection, meticulous workmanship
PVC material, non-toxic and tasteless, in line with human health standards. Make a modest for your health.

1. Support automatic serial communication handshake protocol. Support remote wake-up, power management, support for RS232 serial interface.
2. Transmission speed up to 1MBPS, USB2.0 backward compatible with USB1.1
3. Standard USB to 9-pin (RS232) serial output, serial port line universal standard