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Three new-brand products will be released by Freescale.

Posted 2015/08/11 01:33 AM by Qiyang views: 1046

Freescale Semiconductor Co., launched three new products to extend the i.mx6 processor application. It adds more selections for the customers when they need high performance in their area. By using these three new products, i.MX6 series will provide higher security,performance,power management to the users in industry and auto market, It could optimize the system material cost. Brand-new i.MX6DualPlus and i.MX6QuadPlus will surprise you in the graphic process &memory performance. But i.MX6UltraLite is used for the application which is with critical requirement for the cost and space. It tends to the requirements for function,small specification,and security. I.MX6DualPlus and i.MX6QuadPlus are pin- compatible with some i.MX6 series processor ,and also software. And these three new products will be with excellent connection,they could provide the high degree of the security for the embedded computer. Ron Martino(Vice President in Freescale Microcontroller’s application processor and advanced technology promotion) said: Freescale i.mx6 series CPU are specialized for the multimedia and display application which is with huge selection and various application process platform. These three new products provide remarkable performance and functions. It makes the system to save much cost. These new brand i.MX6 processor provides much powerful support for the innovativing product ,and the application for the more smart ,secuirty auto and Internet. I.MX6DualPlus and I.MX 6QuadPlus are facing to the visual solution for high-end multiple market application. The new-brand i.MX 6DualPlus and i.MX 6QuadPlus intergrated with ARM Cortex-A9 multi-core architecture. Base on the first generation of i.MX 6Dual and i.MX 6Quad processor. Not only the graphic performance is double increased,but also the memory utilization be increased by 50%. Main Features: 3D,2D performance increased with compound graphic processor. -Optmize the 64-bit DDR3/LVDDR3/LPDDR2-1066 Memory interface, increase bus bandwidth. -Increased embedded SRAM, prefetch and analyze engine. i.MX 6DualPlus and i.MX 6DuadPlus are the most perfect choose for the dashboard,entertainment system,hospital device,industrial HMI,digital signage and streaming media application which needs to be in a high or low power wattage. I.MX 6UItralite with advanced high efficiency & Small Size i.MX 6UItraLite is designed for the application and market with high security ,low cost,small size and high efficient. For example: As its power efficient and high security,this processor is the best choice for the ePOS. .It is by using the ARM Cortex-A7 kernel architecture,with 14*14mm or 9*9mm BGA footprints. It is the smallest, most efficient ARM architecture processor. It could play the excellent performance in a low consumption and small space embedded environment. Product Main Feature: Advanced power management structure: -Powerful security feature,such as safety boot,hardware encryption engine and random number generator. Release the peripheral and memory visiting request through hardware verification. To ensure the security isolation and system source. -Hardware tamper monitoring function integrated dynamic DRAM encryption and decryption engine. It enables i.MX 6UItraLite to be one of the most safe Micro processor. Reliable and durable, it has been adopted into the long-term supply plan in Freescale. Supply & Support: i.MX 6DualPlus &i.MX 6QuadPlus starts to provide sample. It has the plan to produce in bulk in October.2015. i.MX 6UItraLite sample will be provided in July,2015. In order to support low cost,small size and high power efficient system, Freescale PF0100 PMIC has combined well with i.MX 6DualPlus and i.MX 6QuadPlus. And Freescale PF3000 series power management IC will combined well with i.MX 6UItraLite in July,2015. Contact us: Trade@qiyangtech.com