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Qiyang Is the Strategic Partner Of ROCKCHIP

Posted 2019/01/14 02:32 AM by Qiyang views: 913

In December 2016, Zhejiang Qiyang signed a cooperation agreement with ROCKCHIP, becoming a strategic partner of ROCKCHIP microelectronics.Starting from 2016, Qiyang has carried out all-round cooperation with ROCKCHIP on the implementation of intelligent hardware terminal product solutions. 

In August 2017, QY-RK3288 motherboard was released, and it is expected to launch a more powerful RK3399 motherboard at the end of 18 years. In line with the trend of informatization, networking and intelligent development of The Times, currently Qiyang has provided customers with new retail, face recognition access control management system, tablet computer, intelligent parking terminal, car terminal and other emerging solutions based on RK3288 platform.