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Posted 2014/07/09 09:37 AM by Qiyang views: 1173

1. A:Re:The highest configuration is 133Mhz,the clock frequency is relevant to DDR2 chip, the 335x which could support the highest clock frequency is 266Mhz of DDR2 chip.

2. Q: How to solve the error for the ''USB could not recognize'' [QY-9G45 /Linux]?

A:It may because of the CPU version, it corrsponds to[sab-ba]version, cpu A version should use the [sam-ba v2.10] to download, cpu B version should use the [sam-ba v2.12] to download.

3. Q: Download image file by nandflash through user manual,J2 jumper cap,when to connect, do not find the illustration in documentation ? [9260/Linux].

A:Download image file from the nandflash, it also could download but not connect J2 jumper cap.

4. Q:boa,sql(data base development and migration question [9260 /Linux]?

A:This problem is about the application layer, we do not have the relative documentations.

5. Q:About the question for MAC setting problem,there is a mac address on core board,it needs to modify the MAC address [9G45/Linux].

A:(u-boot>setenv ethaddr dc:c0:a0:30:2e:f3:11 u-boot>saveenv

6. Q:Where is LCD driver code's location, image file resolution 's kernel configuration option [IAC335X/Linux]?

A:The LCD's driver location is [/Drivers/Video/Da8xx-fb.c].

7. Q:What's that mean for [U-Boot# nand erase 0x0 0x20000 U-Boot# nandecc hw 2 nandecc hw 2] [IAC335X/Linux]?

A:Hardware verify

8. Q:Super terminal could not print information, the terminal set is correct, the system could run [EZ335X/Linux]?

A:The serial wire should use the cross serial wire.

9. Q:How to insert the core board and the carriar board ? Do it could be inserted through the location hole ? [QY-1808]

A:The core board could not be inserted into the carriar board through location hole. It should be insert by the B to B slot (J1 and J2).

10. Q:Test Network problem in[uboot], could not ping PC mainframe(ping,but it could burn program by [tftp],where is the file to modify the ip?

A:The reason is the PC's firewall do not be closed, modify [/etc/init.d/rcS] in this file