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Control the core for agriculture informatization to support intelligent agriculture with IOT technology

Posted 2019/08/02 02:45 AM by Qiyang views: 2944

Control the core for agriculture informatization to support intelligent agriculture with IOT technology

Internet+ Agriculture is base on IOT, big data, agricultural technology.Accompany with rapidly development of sensor precision, machine vision, machine learning etc, it can control the steps on planting, cultivation, maturing and sales etc.

To provide the entire solution of ‘Intelligent Agriculture’ to help improve the production to reduce cost ,save natural sources, and reduce environmental pollution.
In generally, intelligent agriculture is applying the IOT technology into the traditional agriculture. By using sensors and software, it controls the agriculture by through mobile or PC, which could make the traditional agriculture with more wisdom.

  1. Precise Cultivation

Precise agriculture, it is regarded as the more controllable and precise method for livestock breeding and agricultural cultivation.
Most of them are using the IT technology and sensors, control system, robotics, automatic hardware to achieve high efficient and accurate monitoring and control, it can improve the agricultural production, it is the efficient path to make superior quality, good harvest, low consumption and environmental sustainable agricultural development.

  1. Agricultural UAV


Today, the agriculture is one of the main industries of the work for the agricultural UAV.
It was used for healthy evaluation, crop monitoring, pesticide spraying, Sow seed and farmland analysis etc.
The strength for the UAV is using GIS map to complete the image for the crops’ health. Easy and reliable, save time and improve the efficiency,
With real time data acquisition and processing, UAV brings revolutionary transformation for the traditional agriculture.

  1. Livestock and poultry


The livestock and poultry based on IOT technology(Internet of Things), the farmer could control the breeding factory through mobile and computer. To get the alarm information, and control monitoring results, to control the relative devices remotely, and to achieve healthy breeding and power saving.


  1. Intelligent Greenhouse

Intelligent greenhouse is based on the IOT technology by use various sensors (Air humidity, air temperature, brightness intensity, soil humidity, carbon dioxide concentration etc.) to operate automatically and intelligently. It can supervise and control the indoor temperature.
To make the real time updates on corps and real time control for the greenhouse system without human interference.


Intelligent greenhouse is combined by hardware system and software system.
The hardware part is mainly combined by data acquisition device, sensors and transmission device, display device and telecommunication system, etc.
Software is mainly combined by corps growth database, data acquisition system, greenhouse control system, network data center and mobile APP.

Qiyang I.MX6UL SOM module is the hardware solution with its excellent performance, rich SOM sources which melted with perception, recognition and control