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Freescale be as the leading semiconductor company in global market, it has released various types of processors. And the processors are used in different application area on the basis of its function and performance. Now let me introduce the family system of the processors by clear classification. Will introduce the i.MX series as an most important point.

Freescale processor owns 6 series, it includes i.mx application processor, Vybrid controller, ColdFireMPU,StarCoreDSP,PowerQUICC processor and 32-/64-bitQorIQ processing platform, as the following picture shown:


Freescale processor production line owns 6 series:
According to structure and technique, i.mx application processor and Vybrid controller adopts ARM9,ARM11 and ARM Cortex structure; ColdFire MPU series adopts ColdFire and ColdFire+Strucure;StarCore DSP series, it use Freescale ‘s StarCore technology; PowerQUICC processor is on the basis of the combined development of IBM, Motorola and Apple company’s POWER structure;QorIQ processor platform includes POWER structure and ARM Cortex structure.

In this product series, the i.mx application processor is most popular. I.mx6 series processor’s former name is [Dragonball].

After Dragonball MX series product , the processor kernel turn to the ARM, the product name adopts I.MX, the full name is Innovation Multimedia Extension. The following manufactures are using the I.MX series processors , such as Ford, Amason, Sony, Logitech, Toshiba, Nokia ,Motorola etc.

From the first generation of i.MX1 to i.MX6, the processor manufacturing technique and performance are upgraded a lot.

The following tablet conclude the basic parameter of these processor:

Processor Introduction
i.MX1 It is the i.MXS multimedia application processor in Freescale webist.
i.MX2 Base on ARM9, frequency is 400MHz and 454MHz, it adopts 90nm processing, it includes industrial and automotive level product. It has video processing unit, security control unit, liquid touch panel driver, power management, audio encoding and 3D IPU.
i.MX3 Base on ARM11,90nm processing, frequency is 532MHz, it is with video encoding and 3D IPU.
i.MX5 Base on ARM Cortex-A8,65nm processing, frequency >1GHz, it support 720P hardware encoding and DDR2, and digital ink display driver.
i.MX6 Base on Cortex-A9, 40nm processing, support solo core, dual core and quad core, support HD video encoding.

Processors’ Basic Parameters:

The new i.MX6 series processor include i.MX6 Solo,i.MX6 Dual and i.MX6 Quad. It could meet your demand for the different application field.


As one of the most profession embedded software and hardware server provider in worldwide, Hangzhou Qiyang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd has released the i.MX 6Dual and QY-IMX6S industrial mainboard and evaluation board immediately to adapt the market . And the developing speed is much faster than similar manufacturers in domestic market. You could find a final full- function board from Qiyang.

The i.mx6 mainboard adopts ARM® Cortex™-A9 kernel ,the CPU frequency reaches up to 1.2GHz, compatible with solo core, dual core, quad core; With 1MBL2 cache,32KB instruction and data cache, NEON SIMD media accelerator; with 2D/3D/VG accelerator,1080P h.254 video hardware codec, support dual 720P video coding;

1x20bit parallel, MIPI-CSI2(4 channels), support 3-ch inputting camera input simultaneously, integrate with 1-ch giga Ethernet MAC(10/100/1000MHz); Integrate with 2-ch CAN, each could be up to 1Mbps, support CAN2.0 protocol; 5-ch serial port, HDMI Interface, LVDS Display Interface, High reliable guide, Encryption engine, Random number generation and tamper test; Support Linux ,Android Operation System perfectly.