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ARM Development Board FAQ

Posted 2014/06/27 09:12 AM by Qiyang views: 1178

1. Q: What about the Burning Command?

A: NAND write: device 0 offset 0x780000, size 0x7460000

tar -czvf andoid-4.0.3-kernel-2013-09-12 kernel

2. Q: What about the Burning Command?

A:tftp 0x82000000 MLO;nandecc hw 2;nand erase 0x0 0x20000;nand write.i 0x82000000 0x0 0x20000

tftp 0x82000000 u-boot.img;nandecc hw 2;nand erase 0x80000 0x40000;nand write.i 0x82000000 0x80000 0x40000

3. Q:What about making File System for Linux

A: sudo mkfs.ubifs -r rootfs/ -F -o ubifs.img -m 2048 -e 126976 -c 1580

sudo ubinize -o ubi.img -m 2048 -p 128KiB -s 512 -O 2048 ubinize.cfg

4. Q:How to set auto-start in [/etc/profile] in Linux for 335x ?

A: When logging in [telent],the program will be executed again. Add auto-start script to[/etc/rcS.d].

5. Q: What about the auto-start error for 9260 ?

A: Add it to [/etc/init.d/rcS], add it before [/bin/sh].

6. Add auto-start for EZ335X to [/etc/profile],after connecting ,the script will be executed again.

Make [sh]script in [/etc/rcS],add auto-start configuration to this script.

7. Q:What about the Timing Sequence for [at070tn83 v.1] ?

A: name = "qiyang_lcd",

.width = 800,

.height = 480,

.hfp = 210,

.hbp = 45,

.hsw = 1,

.vfp = 27,

.vbp = 23,

.vsw = 1,

.pxl_clk = 40000000,

.invert_pxl_clk = 0,

8. Q:Why 9260 will report the error [Enter runlevel]:

A:It because of the file system is too old.

9. Q: The error when using [tftpd32.exe],it reports: Error:Can't bind the tftp port!

A: Solution:

Input [regedit] in [Run], open regedit, [KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> TFTPD32],remove the entire folder,then open [tftpd32.exe] again. It will be normal.

10. Q: When it reports this error [configure: error: C++ preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check] ?

A: It because of the package of the [c++ compiler] do not installed.[[sudo apt-get install build-essential]