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On-line Data Acquisition Terminal

Posted 2014/05/14 22:32 PM by Qiyang views: 1472

Water Quality Automatic Online Monitoring System integrate data-acquisition device,industrial control computer,telecommunication transmission equipment,use automatic control technology and computer technology with professional software,form integral system from taking sample ,preprocessing,analyzing,data processing and storing to realize the sample’s Automatic Online Monitoring.

Application Introduction:
• Can select Atmel 9G45,TI AM335X,EP9315 processor mainboard/Core Board;
• Run OS:Linux. Improve stability,reduce cost and prevent virus;
• Connect multi-channel(Current / Voltage) data acquisition module for data sampling;
• Transfer data back to monitoring center through wire/wireless(GPRS/CDMA);
• Can do remote operations, maintenance,application software upgrade.
• Comparing with X86 architecture IPC,it is of advantages of low cost,low power consumption,high stability;
• High integration,reduce difficulty of secondary development,accelerate time to market.