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Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Posted 2014/06/11 08:22 AM by Qiyang views: 1747

It is as medium between system and users,it realize switch between information internal form and human.Connect to PLC,Frequency Converter,DC Speed Regulator,Meter and other industrial control equipments.It is a digital device to realize information interaction between human and machine.

Application Introduction:

• Can select TI AM335X/AM180X,Freescale i.MX6,Atmel 9G45/A5D3X processor mainboard/Core Board;
• Run OS:Linux/Android,adopts GUI interface to realize human-machine interactive operation;
• Equipment working status display,such as indictor,button,text,graph,curve;data,text input operation;printout;factory formula storing,production data recording;simple logic and numeric calculation;Can connect various industrial control equipment;
• Comparing with X86 motherboard/IPC,it is of advantages of low power consumption,high stability and low cost;
• High integration,flexible telecommunication interface,various telecommunication protocol,node can connect various devices.