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Face Recognition Solution

Posted 2019/03/08 07:42 AM by Qiyang views: 202

Zhejiang Qiyang follows the industry trends, it launched the face recognition access control solution by using Rockchip AI chipset.

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 Case Characteristic

  1. -Base on RK3288 high performance CPU, adopts multi-functional integration solution, it improved the management control ability and management efficiency to save cost.
  2. -By using multi touch LCD to achieve human-machine interactive function.
  3. -Adopts advanced IOT architectural technology, each device owns independent IP. To achieve pure networked and cross-segment operation.
  4. -With accurate face recognition algorithm, to have living body recognition, with accurate detection and facial information management etc.
  5. -Adopts Android OS, upgrade the APP to do functional modification and OS version upgrades. It makes the product more flexible, practical to meet the requirements in different applications.
It also supports the video conference, file management, medical


Qiyang Along with the developing of face recognition technology, this technology has been widely extended. Now, the face recognition technology is widely used in safety verification, HMI, public security system etc. In future, face recognition technology will be the start of the newly HMI.