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ESL System

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Application Background
By using the paper price tag, commodity information be modified frequently, it consumed a lot of labors and made a lot of troubles. ( Each price tag needs 2 minutes to modify).

Paper price label : Loss rate:2% , error rate:0.0001~0.0005
By using paper price tag, it may cause the ‘price fraud’ if the commodity price tag is not same as the cashier system.
Paper price tag refers to lots of the paper cost , printing ink, printing cost.
Domestic labor cost increase forces the retail industry to look for a new sales increase.
What is ESL ?
Electronic shelf label (ESL) system is used by retailers for displaying product pricing on shelves. The product pricing is automatically updated whenever a price is changed from a central control server. Typically, electronic display modules are attached to the front edge of retail shelving.
 Case Instructure
ESL system transfer the information by wireless telecommunication, when the user’s database information be sent to the ESL server. The server shall send the information to wireless base station by WIFI or LAN port.  The wireless station shall send the information which need to be displayed on the label through Bluetooth telecommunication. To achieve pricing and commodity information updates, and label matches commodity correctly.
By using IAC-I.MX6UL SOM as the main control part , make it available to telecommunicate with the servers with 4G or wired network for transmitting and receiving .

 Other Application Scenarios
Retail System/Conference System/Smart Warehouse/Industry Board/Digital Medical