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Centralized Meter Reading Terminal

Posted 2014/06/12 06:32 AM by Qiyang views: 1504

Installing and reading Water &Electricity&Gas Meter are for calculating and managing consumption of energy and resource.And it provides the basis for billing.With rapid social development and upgrade of living standards,the consumption of resources is growing a lot. Calculating resource consumption,management and charging work become increasingly multifarious,the automation products will develop very smoothly.

Application Introduction: • Can select Atmel 9260/A5D3X,TI AM180X Processor Mainboard/Core Board;
• Run OS:Linux. Improve stability,reduce cost and prevent virus
• Realize reading information intensively of the multiple energy meter and storing
• Transfer information to master station through GPRS,RS485,Carrier Signal, and Wireless
• Master station finishes Water &Electrical &Gas data collection according to the statistic data, usage examine,wire/pipe loss analysis and prepayment management
• Comparing with MCU/ARM 7,it be of low consumption,multithreading management,high processing speed
• Particular Communication Interface,easy for developing.